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Myth is a Dunedin based creative partner that helps brands transform, connect and grow. We create intrigue, evoke emotions, build anticipation, invite engagement and ultimately get people to commit themselves to your story.

Our expertise includes website design, e-commerce, web, app & mobile development, seo, digital performance, brand Identity, advertising & marketing, and video.

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SEO these days is as straightforward as it is convoluted. You can devote days to the task of streamlining your SEO to rank high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), only to find three months later the game has changed and you need to get back to work, refining and tweaking. Google changes the algorithm for search approximately 500 times a year, refining how to get the best results when you, the internet user, search for something. The purpose of these changing algorithms is to try to decipher what you want when you type something in the Google search bar. The search engine has become refined enough to interpret what you mean, even when you don't type it well. This is semantic search.

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