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Things we did:

Escea is a leader in their field, they are committed to innovation and style. A huge international operation, Escea distributes to many countries and has sophisticated language management requirements. In the planning stages, it was imperative that the final website would perform well for users in all parts of the world.

A big focus for this project was mobile responsiveness. The website adapts to whatever device the user is using at the time. Our team went through an extensive planning and wireframe process, designing an interface for each device prior to development.

They also have some very capable tech people in house. Our people worked closely with Escea to ensure the proposed website solution would have flexible and adaptable layout and content so that their team could continue working with it moving forward.

Behind the scenes, the Escea team welcomed the new Silverstripe CMS platform for working with content in multiple languages in different countries. The IP Check function enabled relevant local content to be served to users and the CMS interface allows administrators to easily update content for multiple countries and languages.

  • Multilingual
  • Responsive design interface
  • Web development