Branding, Marketing and Sales

Branding, Marketing and Sales

Branding, Marketing, and sales are three terms that get thrown around a lot. They often get confusing and people find it hard to work out where one starts or stops. I have created a simple diagram to help you understand how these areas relate to each other and a simple way of describing their purpose.

Branding is about figuring out who we are and why we exist. Your brand forms the basis of your identity as a company. Its important that people understand what to expect from you, your beliefs and individual character. If you do this well, your potential clients/customers, will be able to know if you are a right fit for them, and you will have a unique position in the market amongst your competitors.

Marketing is a highly general term but in this case lets simplify it to a focus on "what we do." What you do includes the design of your products and services, and the conversations you have with potential customers about your offering. These conversations take the form of the stories you tell in advertising and promotions.

I like to think that a better word for "Sales" is "relationships." Every time you sell to a new customer or client you are establishing a new relationship. And every time your sell to an existing customer you are maintaining a relationship. When you see your sales as relationships you can better understand the bond that exists between you and the customer and make the effort to nurture that bond.

Branding lays a foundation for people to understand your companies place in the world. Marketing efforts that build on the foundation of a strong brand identity are more efficient and effective as conversations. The relationships or sales that follow through the direct engagement with customers come more easily when the branding foundation supports the marketing systems. We therefore can think of branding, marketing and sales as three key layers of an overall marketing system for your organisation.

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