Finding Potential in our Future Leaders

Finding Potential in our Future Leaders

A Community Sponsorship Project: Arthur Burns, Teaching Under 5

We set out to make a branding statement about the quality of this Pre-School/Kindergarten based in Gretna Place in Mosgiel. You see, it really is a little gem hidden away. The teachers work really hard and believe in the potential of every child. We wanted to to help out a little too. Our team worked around a creative concept of "The Potential to Be..."

I was inspired by the profound, innocent, intelligence of children and their interpretation of everyday life. For example, driving down from Saddle Hill as we approached the the low lying clouds over the Taieri Plains, my son stated "The clouds are falling from the sky." This poet like statement got me thinking, there is magic in these children from such an early age. There is a spark of brilliance of what is to come and every act, every moment of imagination and inspiration seems to come so naturally to them. There is evidence of their potential everywhere.

The concept "The Potential to Be..." is a statement about the potential in all of us, especially our children who could become anything. It is a statement about the magic in everyday moments and a childrens life story that is unfolding before us.

Our team designed a brand with an attempt to get away from the confusing terminology utilised in the segment. We avoided Pre-School, Kindergarten, and simplified by saying "Teaching Under 5." We designed T-Shirts, Posters and Signage along with a new website which you can check out at

The brand was unveiled at a fun family night last week. It was certainly a good feeling to see parents and children coming together in a positive and friendly learning environment. Seeing the children's reaction to the brand was awesome. If you have a child under 5 and you haven't checked out Arthur Burns, its long overdue.

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