General Localised vs Specialised, National

Professional service firms and many companies offering multiple services face the challenge of positioning dilution.

Ultimately the customers perception of strength and depth becomes diluted by the breadth of the service offerings. Competitors focusing on a particular service can appear stronger and more specialised to purpose.

Sometimes it is not possible to place limits on your service sets. For example, in the digital and brand agency business, we offer a range of services that include websites, branding, video and more. This is expected of us, suits the agency model, and the size of our local market.

General Localised

When you generalise your service offering you localise yourself and your business. What this means is that if you do not specialise your service offering by category or another type of metric, then you run the risk of being lost in a large sea of similar sounding services. I think ultimately this limits you to attracting general business in your local geographic market. In this approach you run the risk of missing out on attracting national or international business that is out there looking for your specialised combination of skills and experience.

Specialised National

One small adjustment is to look to your category experience to differentiate your firm. For example, do you have particular special experience in agriculture, health or education? In this case the message becomes, we offer these services and also depth of experience in these industries. It is only a subtle tweak to marketing communications that I think has a profound effect in terms of target marketing. 

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