How to choose a website partner

All website production companies are different. In the following article we will try and help you to find the right fit for your organisation.

Do it yourself

Cloud based solutions are the rent as you go and do it yourself option. They usually have little to no entry fee and an ongoing fee. You use the platform provided by the solution provider to design and develop your website. These options are one of the cheapest ways of creating a website because you manage and perform the activities yourself. In order to make that work most of these activities need to be simplified to make it as easy as possible for users to complete tasks. Simplification is also important so that the software can satisfy the needs of a variety of uses. The downside is that design quality can be low, while simple, you are doing it yourself which is time consuming and also troublesome. The other downside is that the templates are often difficult or restrictive in terms of customisation. One problem of this approach is that you do not benefit from working with a consultant or expert. But this might be ok if your goal is to keep costs to an absolute minimum. I would say if you are starting out, are patient and don't mind getting your hands dirty then this option is worth a look.

Small Business Website

Small business website providers handle a fair amount of the hassle of a website production for you. They may or may not assist with content creation and planning. They have a little budget to work with so its important the project runs smoothly to stay on budget. These websites are often not cutting edge, or massively performance orientated but they get you up and running with some of the hassle taken care of.

Digital Agency

Digital Agencies offer a personalised website production service where they manage all aspects of the website creation process. Because they are planning, monitoring quality and ensure alignment of business goals to website performance, the quality of output is much higher. These agencies often work collaboratively with Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing to get higher website performance on an ongoing basis. They also have a range of professional services so it may be possible to have a range of Digital solutions provided by the one company which saves time. Due to the level of qualifications, quality and performance, using a digital agency will likely cost more than a small business or cloud based solution.

Your selection of one of these options will likely depend on the scale of your business, the budget you have available and the important role you consider the internet plays in your business.

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