Is my business mobile friendly?

Mobile is not an option anymore, it is essential to the success of your business.

So here’s the scoop… websites that are optimised for mobile devices, already rank higher in Google’s search algorithm than those that are not. When a website is not considered mobile friendly, this even effects a sites ranking on a desktop computer.

Up until now this has had a limited effect, but that is all about to change on April 21st 2015. On this date Google will be adopting one of the most significant algorithm changes we have seen in a long time.

This significant change could have a detrimental effect on your business if you do not take action. You need to act fast and you could gain an advantage over your competition if you do. If you are not mobile friendly when Google rolls this out on 21st April, you are at serious risk of your competitors gaining in rank above you and you dropping in position. Acting now to ensure your business is mobile friendly should be your priority, so that your current consumers and new ones can find you first.

With an estimated rate of more than 60 per cent of all Google searches now being performed using mobile devices, Google is taking action and responding to this shift. If you are not mobile friendly, and ensuring a positive experience for the user, your business runs the risk of becoming non-existent in the world of search engines.

It is highly recommended you take the Mobile-Friendly Test to assess any action you need to take. If you do not score well in the test, don’t let your business be penalised by change, prepare to go mobile.

There are two options: ensure your current website is active and functional with a responsive design, or create a separate mobile version of your site. It is key to think about how your business needs to interact with a mobile user, and more importantly how Google will respond and rank you.

Talk to us today to make sure your business is mobile friendly and not at risk, with this imminent and significant change.

Project Manager