MYTH Retreat 2014 – FIJI

MYTH Retreat 2014 – FIJI

This year the team made their way to the beautiful islands of Fiji for the company annual retreat. Spanning 10 acres of pristine beach, tropical gardens and tranquil architecture, the Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island was home for the team for four days. The Radisson was effectively faultless, able to satisfy every want and need of the business traveller.

The first day included sun, pools and a team discussion about improvements to our business. On the second day the team sailed to the islands on the SeaSpray Adventure, the full day sailing cruise included a Fijian village visit and time ashore at Modriki Island from Tom Hanks movie ‘Cast Away’. Modriki (pronounced ‘Mon-driki’) is a pristine little haven. The sand is vividly white, and the water is the clearest blue you can imagine. The island was made famous in year 2000 when ‘Cast Away’, the Hollywood block-buster movie staring Tom Hanks was released. Modriki is the island at which the movie was filmed, and although Tom’s character just wanted to escape Modriki, the last thing we wanted to do is leave!

Day three included more relaxing, meetings, and a formal dinner.

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