One of the best ways to get your site seen, is to show it.

The awesome thing about having a website is that you can put anything you want on it. You can tell a story. Vent your frustrations. Engage in conversation. Show off your product. SELL your product - the list goes on.

So you've gone and got a website. You've chosen a template, or gone to great lengths to make your website an extension of your brand with a custom website. Now what to do?

Get your website out there.

You need to nurture that baby. Give it attention, show it to the world. Announce to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, you have a new baby!

All those social media platforms that you visit should have an account in your business name. You should post from that account. Post musings. Screen shots and links to your awesome website. Announce cheaper rates, discounted items, handy tips, local news. Make your social platforms an extension of your website, and an extension of you.

If you don't promote your website, then you may as well hang a picture on the wall in your house and refer to THAT as your website. Only people you show it to will see it.

Google is happy to help you show off your shiny new website if you help them. So are we at Myth.

Show Google that your website is ready to shine by fulfilling some basic criteria. Show it off using various campaigns, they will support you.

Google wants to give its users the best results from searches. You want your site to be the best result on that search page. DON'T you?

There are lots of tools you can use to promote your site for free. Take at look at Hootsuite for example. Free posting three social networks simultaneously (Cheers for the pro-tip Pete). How awesome is that?

Google Analytics is your friend. Figure out who your target demographic is, and target your ads to them. Use Google Adwords or Facebook for Business. Doing this can help you save money to help you make your ads work for you. Properly work.

All seem too much? We can help you, it's what we're here for. We can help you manage your campaigns. Help you reach your target markets. Help you reach the world from your website.