Start 2017 with new energy and direction

Most business owners and CEOs won't admit it or they prefer to look outward for answers. But the one thing that is probably holding back your business in 2017 is You.

It is our own patterned responses, repeated mistakes, lack of knowledge, hold ups and limiting beliefs that stop us from realising the absolute potential of our businesses.

Your Growth Mindset is especially key to fostering the culture of growth within your organisation. Take a moment to reflect on your attitude in general and your attitudes to specific things.

Your attitude to branding and advertising affects your companies ability to communicate effectively. If you are a strong communicator, chances are your company will be too. If this is a low priority area for you then its time to find skilled others who can drive this aspect of your business forward.

Admitting our weaknesses and addressing areas that need work or help from others may be the First Step to solving some of the business issues that you may been experiencing in 2016.

Another question to ask yourself is - what can I do right now to make my business a little bit better? For example, are you allowing particular issues in your business to exist when they should have been dealt with a while ago? Sometimes, it seems easier to persist with a problem when dealing with it seems hard or complicated. One issue with this approach is that the longer you put things off, the bigger the problem will become. If you can take the short term pain and take the plunge, you will feel fantastic once you have dealt with it and also save yourself a whole bunch of further hurt in the future. Most of all, think about all that free headspace you will buy yourself on a day to day basis!

Once you have levelled up on something or cleared the hold up, you will reap the benefits of that in your business every day from that moment on. What an amazing incentive to make change!

It's easy to get lost in the burden of owning and running a business. The day to day workload and ever increasing distractions will pull you in many directions. But amongst it all, try and remember to return to yourself. The answers are there.

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