The Power of your Brand

Brands are made up of both product benefits and perceptual components. They are like containers in the minds of consumers. They hold thoughts, stories, experiences, images and feelings associated with your organisation. They come alive when they are given a personality of their own, when the stories they tell reinforce your values, providing a solid foundation for your organisation.

Your brand will work well when there are consistent elements that customers can connect with over time. Consistent style of imagery, voice, stories, and represented values work to build character and position. We can think about brand positioning as a combination of user image, brand image, and personality.

Storytellers build powerful brand meaning faster by utilising stories that pre-exist in the minds of consumers. Pre-existing forms such as myths and archetypes are psychologically imprinted in all of us. If we tap into these forms, brands can come alive with powerful emotional effect.

Association with real world forms also accelerate brand building in a similar way. Large consumer brands such as Adidas sponsor high performance teams like the All Blacks for example for this very purpose.

You have the power to craft a brand identity that will connect with your customers. Firstly you need to work out the values and stories that underpin your organisation, your ideal customers, brand image and personality.

Once these important strategic insights are made clear, your agency can craft your brand by storyboarding associated imagery and developing a plan for your brand story. Once planning is completed, designers create assets such as signage, logos, brochures, environments, advertising and more. Each customer touchpoint and asset is an opportunity for you to tell your unique story and grow the power of your brand.

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