Voice Search Is Here!

Experts from Google, Microsoft, Apple and Android all agree that voice search will continue to gain momentum and be one of the most popular innovations for the next 10 years.

For those that don’t already know on the surface voice search is pretty simple: It allows users to search using their voice instead of typing. You may have even used it before, Hey Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are among some of the most well known applications.

We won’t bore you with the figures but voice search is here and it’s big, but why is it so big? The way we interact with content is changing. Initially people were shy, using voice search at home… But now its everywhere, showing that people are getting more comfortable using their voice to control tech.

Searching for content essentially is becoming more about having a conversation; people are asking questions and are looking for the best answers. For example if someone asks “Where can I buy a car”, they are intending to buy a car. Compared to “What car should I buy” they are just gathering opinion or information.

As content creators, marketers, copywriter and web designers it important we keep this in mind. Moving forward we now need to think about the questions and the intent of the questions our prospects are asking and provide the appropriate content.

There are some great tools out there to help us discover questioned based content ideas, a popular one is Answer the Public. It has been described as a content goldmine based around real search terms.

From a keyword perspective mainstream searches like ‘best hairdresser’ will disappear to make way for more conversational searches. Instead of filling content with individual keywords marketers will need to target more long-tail keywords as voice search grows in popularity.

There’s a lot to learn and understand as this thing only gets bigger but here is what you can do now to make sure your website is meeting the baseline: Make sure your name, address and phone info is up to date. Including nearby landmarks is also recommended. Statistically lots of people use voice search for local searches. You can do this by claiming your Google My Business information. The Myth team can handle it from there with a search readiness review of your content followed by optimisation to ensure your website is voice search friendly.

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