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315 Euro

Things we did:

Moving on from their massive success with Garden Motel, Chris and Adrienne Roy took on the challenge of transforming 315 Euro Hotel.

It's set back from the street but far from understated. 315 Euro is a great place to stay in the heart of Dunedin City. Modern and slightly funky, we wanted to capture the vibrancy of this great accommodation.

The challenge was awareness and profile, driven by the lack of street frontage and street presence. While discreet, the hotel has an excellent location that is ideally suited for a corporate market.

The new identity uses a colour palette, of predominantly black and white, to show confidence, honesty and simplicity. It gives a sense of quality, luxuriousness and professionalism. It is contrasted by the use of a supplementary bright palette, comprising of a gradation of colours from violets to reds. This hint of brightness suggests "a hidden surprise", intrigue, a dynamic energy that is discovered as you dive deeper into the brand and the spaces.

The custom-drafted logotype convey a sense of drama, sophistication and boutique-like flamboyancy without being overtly feminine and achieves a uniqueness. The subtle curves and flicks, of the scripted type give a look that is poised and stylish yet still approachable. The emphasis is placed on the name "Euro", which is bold and striking at a distance. The combination of a chic elegance and a hinted energy within is the basis of brand story.

Websites are a key channel for accommodation providers, so we were focused on ensuring the standard of 315 Euro's new website was extremely high. The interface really stands out in this project, presenting clean photography of the rooms in a modern and appealing style.

  • Brand identity
  • Business cards
  • Designer website interface
  • Email signatures
  • Letterhead
  • Road signage
  • Support and hosting