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Things we did:

Our brief was to consolidate, modernise and reinvent the Adams brand. The strategic process began with an insight workshop where the proposition "The Strength of Many People" was coined. This was a key moment for the project, whereby this clear marketing proposition resonated with the directors and strategic goals of the company.

The CEO worked to ensure the brand rollout was as much about the public as it was about the Adams team with an internal launch party and reveal. Monday morning back at work and the workforce was presented with their new uniforms and business cards. The internal impact of re-branding on morale cannot be overlooked. Connecting with team members and providing a new vision for a company through branding is one of the most powerful and valuable outcomes of this sort of project.

An extensive brand personality blueprint provided a solid foundation for the brand production led by designer Pauline Cockroft. The brand solution presented the company as a powerful and cohesive force. The branded vans and trucks especially, presented a high profile and the company's status in the market is noticeable.

We combined the group of divisions into one strong brand offering, maintaining the integrity of each service category. Adams now has a congruent brand proposition flowing through the marketing collateral, vehicle fleet, uniforms and signage. Watch around town for an Adams vehicle near you!

  • Brand identity
  • Business cards
  • Designer website interface
  • Email signatures
  • Letterhead
  • Road signage