Case Study


ADInstruments is an international company, producing data acquisition and analysis systems for the life science industry. ADInstruments recently launched a new product through a partnership with a US based technology firm. Myth was approached to produce a commercial video that would inspire product interest. This video was the primary content asset of their international marketing campaign.

When ADInstruments partnered with US based technology firm Delsys, the result was a breakthrough wireless system for capturing and analysing EMG signals in the human body. The challenge for Myth was to tell the story of two complex technology products and their partnership, in an innovative and exciting way that would inspire interest in the target market.

Using video, we were able to communicate the key product advantages by placing the product in an extreme setting. We placed the product on a gymnast performing a challenging and extremely physical routine, demonstrating the key product advantages of reliability and freedom of movement while also communicating underlying core brand values of flexibility and innovation.

The end result is a visually impressive commercial that communicates product advantages and core brand values, inspiring product interest. Use of specialist slow motion cameras and high production values add to the overall result.

The commercial was released as part of an integrated advertising campaign, involving email and web across a range of countries. We are really pleased with the result, which generated substantial product interest internationally.