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Cxbladder Instructional Video

Things we did:

Pacific Edge are a cancer diagnostics company contributing and making a difference in cancer detection and treatment. They approached us to produce a series of PR videos and podcasts including the Cxbladder sampling system.

An instructional video with a modern, fresh, look and feel was required. This would enable patients to follow an online tutorial, to assist them with the use of the Cxbladder sampling system. A valuable concept that provides the patient with a quick and easy method to assess the probability of bladder cancer, enabling an effective treatment process where necessary.

We managed the project ensuring we captured the specific instructional requirements, in a simple and effective manner throughout the film shoot. Final editing and exporting of the video in multiple formats, resulted in a multi purpose tool. Pacific Edge now have a high quality instructional video for their patients, and to promote their expertise in sales meetings and conferences.

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