Case Study

J. Friend and Co.

The J.Friend and Co. attitude to life and honey is contagious. Our brief for this e-commerce website project was to tell this award-winning company's story of honest, dignified respect for the artisan beekeeper and pure organic honey.

J.Friend and Co. NZ Artisan Honey produce a boutique range of single flower organic honeys sourced from New Zealand's diverse landscape. They work with passionate artisan beekeepers to bring together a collection of the very best single flower honey from some of the country's most spectacular natural environments.

In keeping with the existing brand identity, photography was retouched to produce a retro 'hand-coloured' look emphasising the down-to-earth, hand-crafted values of the brand. In contrast an elegant interface was designed to reflect the high-end boutique nature of the J. Friend product suite and facilitate a clean and simple user experience. J.Friend honey is something to be savoured and enjoyed, thus a brand-focused interface was deemed more suitable than a traditional e-commerce listing approach.

The J. Friend story is all about the people who make it happen, so the beekeepers were positioned at the forefront - the user is invited to trace the source of their honey by following full-screen photographs on the homepage. The recipe section of the site was going to be popular, so we designed a user-friendly 'slider' for navigating recipes.

Being a boutique product, you won't find J. Friend honey on all supermarket shelves, so the online store is imperative in helping people around the world acquire this exceptional honey.

A year on, and the website is going strong. Work is already underway for another website to open new markets on the international stage.

Just had a look and see the website is live- it looks fabulous! thank you so much for all your work! Sharyn and Jeremy