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Seedforce Calculator App

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For many years seed has been sold in Australia based on dry matter yield comparisons between varieties.  Quality of the dry matter however is often ignored, and because quality drives animal intake, it can have a large impact on farm production and profit. 

Seed Force Australia worked with agronomists, nutritionists and agricultural economists to produce inputs for an Animal Performance Calculator.  They approached us with the blueprint, and Myth developed this into a working app.

The Animal Performance Calculator app now helps agronomists, retailers and their customers see the economic impact of decisions, such as variety choice, on producers bottom line profit.  The app uses both yield and quality measurements to estimate animal performance - based on various assumptions that can be changed within the model to make it relevant to local conditions.

The app also uses the principles of Gross Margins to evaluate profitability of different decisions under differing scenarios. The app can be used to rank the value of varieties under any given set of assumptions, and to test the profitability of agronomic and pasture management decisions.

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