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Viridian Glass

Things we did:

Viridian Glass tasked us to design and develop an App to provide their customers with an advanced tool to measure the thickness of single glass panes, and the spacer thickness between panes in double-glazing.

We worked closely with the client to create an aesthetically pleasing App, with user friendly navigation and legibility, that also met with their national brand standards.
The App works by displaying measurement gauges on the smart phone’s screen. The thickness of the glass pane or spacer width can be determined by observing the reflection of the gauge in the glass when the phone is held at a 45 degree angle (as detected the phone’s gyroscope and indicated by the App).

The App which, runs on both the iOS and Android platforms, and serves both the New Zealand and Australian markets, included a number of technically challenging features including how to display a dimensionally accurate gauge on the multitude of differing smart phone screen sizes and resolutions now available on the market. The solution that Myth developed involved a very clever but simple to use calibration process which solved the problem and future proofs the App for future phone generations.

  • App development
  • Creative strategy
  • Designer app interface